Definition of roofing in US English:



  • 1Material for constructing a building's roof.

    ‘a house with corrugated tin roofing’
    • ‘I walked over to the open window and looked down at the roofing; nothing special, the same roofing that we used for my house.’
    • ‘Built of a strong timber-frame and wooden floors, the roofing was galvanized corrugated iron sheeting.’
    • ‘The main problem they are facing is what to use for their roofing.’
    • ‘Recycled materials also included galvanized steel siding, galvanized roofing, and medium density fiberboard.’
    • ‘Her feet slipped against the slick roofing and she slammed into the roof.’
    • ‘On the other hand, metal roofing does tend to have a relatively high up-front cost.’
    • ‘Glass windows and tin roofing might be added to traditional adobe or log homes, but daily routines within those dwellings rarely changed radically.’
    • ‘This was later elongated to become rectangular in plan, with roofing of bamboo as well, only this time curved in the shape of a barrel.’
    • ‘Ideally, thatch roofing and other combustibles were removed.’
    • ‘When it is time to replace roofing, install light-colored shingles (composition, metal, or tile) to reflect heat.’
    • ‘First, the old roofing has to be removed and the top of the roof deck exposed and cleaned.’
    • ‘Other proactive options such as installing fire-resistant roofing should be investigated now.’
    • ‘The blocked water can work under your roofing and into your home.’
    • ‘Attachment brackets can be used once and removed, or they can be permanently left in place, utilizing special flashing kits and caps to seal and weatherproof the bracket right into the roofing.’
    • ‘Inspect for damaged roofing on flat or nearly flat roofs covered with roll roofing.’
    • ‘He applied the same cedar shingle siding and roofing he used the first time around on the new addition but upped the weatherproofing factor with a rubber roof membrane.’
    • ‘Lattice and slat-style roofing are also effective ways of diffusing excess heat while still letting you enjoy the sun.’
    • ‘On every street corner in some parts of the city, there are various signs talking about restoring electrical service, restoring roofing and cleanup as well.’
    1. 1.1 The process of constructing a roof or roofs.
      ‘jobs such as roofing’
      • ‘The sand on the roofing tiles scraped my bare feet but I kept making my way across the four-foot space between my room and my balcony.’
      • ‘The outside was done in pale blue siding they'd gotten for half price; the roof, done in shingling leftover from someone else's roofing job, they had received for free.’
      • ‘Exposed roofing nails should also get an application.’
      • ‘The company designs, manufactures and installs solar roofing products in Europe and America.’
      • ‘I've got most of the roof done, and all I need to do there is nail a few more boards to it and smear that roofing tar across it.’
      • ‘Thus it is less favored by roofing crews who are usually paid by the number of shingles they install, not by the hour.’
      • ‘Since I busted my leg on the roofing job, I've been getting paid for staying home.’
      • ‘The best way to disclose a roof repair is to present a copy of the roofing contractor's receipt for the completed work.’
      • ‘I know some carpentry, but I know nothing about electrical or plumbing or roofing.’
      • ‘Such nets should be used to provide leading edge protection during roofing operations,’ he said.’
      • ‘Look at the roof for loose or damaged shingles and contact a roofing contractor for repairs.’
      • ‘High-quality sprinkler systems and new fireproof roofing materials, for example, can reduce the chance of fire.’
      • ‘This natural roofing material is of increasing interest to builders seeking an alternative to industrial roofing methods.’