Definition of roofer in US English:



  • A person who constructs or repairs roofs.

    • ‘I suggest you discuss your options with roofers who can offer a variety of roofing products for mobile homes in order to make the best decision.’
    • ‘Men may also do odd jobs as carpenters, roofers, or as informal vendors.’
    • ‘Gutter repairs and drip edges are usually handled by roofers and by firms specializing in gutters.’
    • ‘The horrific deaths of two roofers forced to leap off a blazing third-storey roof last Sunday raises the question: why weren't firefighters standing below with a net?’
    • ‘Just a few months after finishing the roof job, our roofer, a young man with a family, was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident.’
    • ‘The majority are involved in the building trade and include bricklayers, plasterers, roofers, electricians, plumbers and labourers.’
    • ‘Remember to use all necessary safety precautions - and common sense - when working on a roof, and call on a professional roofer for any repairs you're not fully comfortable undertaking on your own.’
    • ‘I formed the view that each was a very experienced and competent roofer and conscientious in seeking to provide a good service to the customers of Richmond and to those who might be affected by the works which Richmond carried out.’
    • ‘This is why plumbers, electricians, carpenters and roofers might also consider setting up similar enterprises.’
    • ‘The roofers had found that the house needed a new roof, and he couldn't even be there to see what was going on!!’
    • ‘This is usually a project for an experienced roofer, especially if the damaged tiles are in the roof's field, because tiles can be easily broken from roof traffic, and the surface is dangerous to walk on.’
    • ‘It's a classy, tough bunch of entrepreneurs, which includes an aircraft parts supplier, the city's largest retail roofer (and waste disposal operator), and a commercial printer.’
    • ‘Before you pick one of the shingles that your builders offers, consult with several local roofers and building supply stores.’
    • ‘Pity I didn't find out about this before having the roofers put on the copper.’
    • ‘Edgar Conrado is a roofer, where today the rooftop temperature is hovering around 120 degrees.’
    • ‘We hired a roofer who, after 2 1/2 weeks, finally showed up one afternoon - without a ladder.’
    • ‘By this time, I am making a very successful living off of being an independent contractor or as laymen put it, a roofer.’