Definition of romanticization in US English:


(British romanticisation)


  • See romanticize

    • ‘But there is another more complex way as well, one that does not depend on an idealization or romanticization of war.’
    • ‘I ought to apologize to the younger me, who surely wasn't the geeky, eager innocent I just made him out to be, and who would have rolled his eyes at his older self's nostalgic romanticizations.’
    • ‘This romanticization of lawlessness is hardly innocuous.’
    • ‘Since widespread romanticization of the Parisian café in the early 20th century, the model seems to have for a while been frozen.’
    • ‘This article is a polemic which argues that the historians are mistaken in their condemnation of modern congresses as they are in their romanticization of past ones.’
    • ‘Having lived through it all, as a youth, no less, and therefore naturally given to romanticization and idealization, I can tell you this much: The future ain't all it's cracked up to be.’