Definition of Romanization in US English:


(British Romanisation)


  • See Romanize

    • ‘Like many foreigners, I rather dislike the most-recently adopted system of Romanization for the Korean language.’
    • ‘By AD 83 or 84 a succession of first-rate governors had carried Roman arms to the far north of Scotland and garrisons to the edge of the Highlands - and were pressing ahead with Romanization.’
    • ‘It would be desirable to have a system of Romanization that differentiates them in a way that is more indicative of the actual phonetic values.’
    • ‘Outside this area, the clearest signs of Romanization are often found in the civilian settlements that grew up to serve the soldiers in the garrison forts of the north and west.’
    • ‘In addition, Cherry dispels the myth of Roman soldiers and veterans promoting Romanization, pointing out that most soldiers originally came from urban centres and tended to settle away from the frontier-zone on discharge.’