Definition of rolly in US English:



  • (of the sea) rough enough to make a ship or boat roll.

    ‘our first anchorage at Isla Oeste was extremely rolly’
    ‘the first 36 hours of the passage were uncomfortable, with rolly seas’
    • ‘Traveling north in the Grenadines - sometimes a blustery, rolly proposition in a sailboat - is a breeze on a motor yacht with its two big engines pushing you along.’
    • ‘This hasn't been a particularly bad passage, just rolly, rough and slow - making for miserable sleeping conditions.’
    • ‘The harbor anchorage is rolly due to boat traffic, so most people don't stay overnight.’
    • ‘The wind built to 25 knots and with some opposing current from the 5m tides, it created steep 2 metre waves, giving us a rolly blustery ride.’
    • ‘The surge made for a rolly and uncomfortable night for those in the single bunks.’
    • ‘Even with a preventer on to reduce the risk of an accidental jibe (the boom swinging from one side to the other), it is a rolly ride.’
    • ‘After two rolly nights in a row in this anchorage, we were in a hurry to get out.’
    • ‘This is a little rolly in SE winds and eerie at night with the lights and flames of the refinery.’
    • ‘There has been a decent northerly wind all day, sending swell into the bay which made early evening rolly.’
    • ‘Unfortunately some swell worked into the bay and things got very rolly through the night so Naomi slept badly.’