Definition of roll-up in US English:



  • 1British informal A hand-rolled cigarette.

    • ‘A diminutive, wiry figure, he sits, smoking roll-ups and nursing a cup of black coffee, in the corner of his ground floor study in north London.’
    • ‘The Revenue Commissioners said the seizure was larger than all other finds of roll-your-own tobacco last year.’
    • ‘Normally the race track is scattered with old men in brown suits getting drunk on sherry, or unemployed bums with roll-your-owns and a ‘Best Bets’ in the top pocket.’
    • ‘The judge further held that she had failed to prove that her husband had smoked the defenders' products before 1971, or to what proportion of his total smoking after that date, as he frequently smoked roll-ups.’
    • ‘An overfull roll-your-own dangles precariously from his ever-present cigarette holder.’
    • ‘The line of battered old vans and the knots of people smoking roll-ups in the foyer only served to confirm what the security services already knew.’
    • ‘Five tonnes of roll-your-own tobacco were also seized.’
    • ‘Customs officials discovered illicit roll-your-own tobacco, which had also come from Thailand, worth more than 1 million when they opened a container.’
    • ‘A few travellers wandered aimlessly between the caravans or sat nursing injuries and smoking roll-ups around the smouldering embers of a fire.’
    • ‘Over 1.2 billion people worldwide regularly smoke tobacco products, not including the use of roll-your-owns or smokeless tobacco.’
    • ‘She, a cleaner, smokes about five roll-ups each day.’
    • ‘The company has over 320 brands, including cigarettes, cigars and roll-your-own.’
    • ‘I offered her one of the roll-ups and, even though she doesn't smoke, she seemed happy to take it.’
    • ‘Price increases have also been applied to the company's other products including roll-your-own tobacco and cigars.’
    • ‘Half the participants smoked tailor-made cigarettes and half smoked rallies or both tailor-mades and roll-your-owns.’
    • ‘It is not unlike being taught how to make your first roll-up.’
  • 2US An article of food rolled up and sometimes stuffed with a filling.

    ‘ham roll-ups’
    • ‘Most of the time, I asked instead for what my mother called the ‘bologna roll-up,’ a slippery creation she'd herself invented.’
    • ‘Asparagus roll-ups are a lovely finger food for a spring wedding or shower.’
    • ‘The guacamole at Applebee's uses gelatin, and its vegetable roll-up tortilla may contain lard (pork fat).’


  • attributive Denoting something that can be rolled up.

    ‘roll-up panels’
    • ‘Cat drove around to the back of the office building, quickly getting out of the truck and knocking on the large steel roll-up door.’
    • ‘Bring an inner-tube or a roll-up toboggan or something, so if the pigs show up you can pull a fancy Batman escape, zipping down the east face, giggling like an imp.’
    • ‘Add length on pants and sleeves by making roll-up cuffs in a contrasting color.’
    • ‘A less expensive solution is to leave windows uncovered, or only minimally blocked with roll-up shades or sheer fabric panels.’
    • ‘She had another one of those kits like the one Chihirae had owned: a small leather roll-up pouch with grooming tools nestled in the loops.’



/ˈrōl ˌəp//ˈroʊl ˌəp/