Definition of roister in English:



  • Enjoy oneself or celebrate in a noisy or boisterous way.

    ‘workers from the refinery roistered in the bars’
    • ‘Piper lived with Arthur and me for four months in 2002, when we roistered around the local show circuit.’
    • ‘Together they capture those long-lit days of summer when we roistered round the village.’
    • ‘Don't misunderstand me - I'm not going to run right out and start roistering around, smoking and drinking and carrying on.’
    • ‘The first is devoted to work, the middle bit to domestic arrangements and the latter part to roistering in the style to which tabloid readers have become accustomed.’
    • ‘Mr. Ziegler's is an elegant, sympathetic, and extremely readable biography, which really does breathe the breath of roistering life back into the vanished knight of letters.’
    • ‘He has affectionate memories of those days and the roistering workers who got drunk on Saturday nights.’
    • ‘The Wild Irish boy assumes the role of a roistering English rake, while Armida plays the part of an Italian diva.’
    • ‘Within the narrow range of south-western Holland, he roistered from one town to another, storing up themes and stories as he went.’
    • ‘Against a flat midnight-blue background the roistering figures tumble about, squabbling with each other or brandishing colourful fire-sticks.’
    • ‘He saw the cubs and adults roistering on the huge expanse of lawn that belonged to the posh street running parallel to Hillside Drive.’
    enjoy oneself, celebrate, revel, carouse, frolic, romp, have fun, have a good time, make merry, have a party, party, eat, drink, and be merry, go on a spree
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Late 16th century: from obsolete roister ‘roisterer’, from French rustre ‘ruffian’, variant of ruste, from Latin rusticus ‘rustic’.