Definition of rockrose in US English:



  • 1A herbaceous or shrubby plant with rose-like flowers, native to temperate and warm regions.

    Genera Cistus and Helianthemum, family Cistaceae

    See also labdanum
    • ‘Two groups of small shrubs that like such conditions are the rock roses - Cistus and Helianthemum.’
    • ‘Colour came from the flowers against the green turf, purple wild thyme, yellow birds foot trefoil, and on the slopes wild strawberry and in crag crevices the pure yellow of the rock rose.’
    • ‘The garden designer Gertrude Jekyll was a great fan and favoured naturalistic planting companions such as heaths Erica and rock roses Cistus.’
    • ‘As the sun ducks behind a cloud to the west, the air cools a few degrees and a wind fills the trees, holm-oaks and mulberries, and the grasses - wild thyme, lavender, rock rose and rice straw.’
    • ‘Wild thyme, birdsfoot sedge and a host of other herbs grow among the grasses, alongside common spotted orchid, rock rose and fragrant orchids.’
  • 2

    another term for bitterroot