Definition of rocking horse in US English:

rocking horse


  • A model of a horse mounted on rockers or springs for a child to sit on and rock back and forth.

    • ‘The news was welcomed by Jan Brown, of Little Jems, the award-winning nursery and children's shop, in Newcastle Emlyn, which sells hand-crafted rocking horses.’
    • ‘His father Chris says he's worn out several wooden rocking horses before moving on to the real thing.’
    • ‘Two children appear in the foreground, the boy on a rocking horse, the girl in a sweet white party dress.’
    • ‘Rules banning traditional rocking horses for being too tall, announced just before Christmas, really did sound like the Brussels bureaucrats at their Scrooge-like worst.’
    • ‘Mr Dew, whose business employs nine people, said not all rocking horses were made as toys for children.’
    • ‘Retailers are seeing bumper sales of doll's houses and rocking horses instead of toys tied in to films or TV shows as in previous years.’
    • ‘The 22-inch-wide piece reportedly served (in the studio) as a rocking horse for the sculptor's preschool son.’
    • ‘Sometimes when they have gone, I sit gently on their rocking horse, which is really a springing horse, which bounces on a metal frame.’
    • ‘The new store, in the King Street area, will sell everything from high-value rocking horses to imitation space shuttles.’
    • ‘He has also written a book about making rocking horses, which will be published in October.’
    • ‘In the rural crafts tent, Margaret White was almost having to fight off customers interested in her hand-carved rocking horses.’
    • ‘The safety conscious EU has come up with another gem - rocking horses mustn't be more than 24 inches high.’
    • ‘The room was soon filled with rocking horses, toy trains, model airplanes, and building blocks.’
    • ‘He has been manufacturing rocking horses for 27 years and sells throughout the UK, as well as exporting parts and plans worldwide.’
    • ‘The toy store is selling a rocking horse carved out of a single piece of mahogany for $5,400.’
    • ‘The business also has a museum of rocking horses, some of which date back to the early 1800s.’
    • ‘Aria noticed instantly how warm the room was and as she sat down on her old rocking horse, she wished for it to be cooler in there too.’
    • ‘Many a house in the area has one of his much sought-after rocking horses carved from wood.’
    • ‘It includes a mini adventure playground, swings, a climbing frame and rocking horses for toddlers.’
    • ‘I recall the story of the boy who when he rides his rocking horse is able unfailingly to pick the winners at a local race track.’


rocking horse

/ˈrɑkɪŋ ˌhɔrs//ˈräkiNG ˌhôrs/