Definition of rockfall in US English:


(also rock fall)


  • 1A descent of loose rocks.

    • ‘He imagines himself in stressful climbing situations - say, hanging from ice axes a thousand feet off the deck and suddenly getting bombarded by rockfall.’
    • ‘Heavy downpours, hail, rockfalls and strong winds battered the province yesterday and more showers and snow are expected.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, in Australia, some real men were hauled from a mine after being trapped by a rockfall following an earthquake.’
    • ‘Effective techniques of fighting the enemy in the mountains are induced rockfalls, avalanches, glacier movements and mudslides.’
    • ‘The scenic road was closed until further notice after a woman was killed and another seriously injured during a rockfall yesterday.’
    • ‘Digging is not without its hazards - landslides or rockfall are a serious hazard in some cases and may require properly engineered shoring.’
    • ‘No one had been injured in the rockfall the night before, I learned - a huge relief, especially for Barger, who was now zipping around the course in a black helicopter.’
    • ‘Heavy rainfalls and snow across the province resulted in at least one death, forced the closure of several roads and passes, and led to rockfalls and minor car accidents yesterday.’
    • ‘Coaching clients while at the same time tuning in to all the various factors around you - weather, rockfall, other climbers - may be a guide's most important skill.’
    • ‘This is usually attributed to objective dangers - unpredictable acts of God, such as avalanches, icefalls, rockfall, and horrid weather.’
    • ‘The topography is rugged and complex, prone to rockfalls and avalanches.’
    • ‘Intense rainfall in the south Kerry area completely gouged out a section of road between Kilgarvan and Bantry, as well as causing large landslides and rockfall over a mile-long stretch.’
    • ‘In the Crocodile Gorge between Nelspruit and Kaapmuiden only a single lane was open to traffic after rockfalls.’
    • ‘The summit trails are hazardous and difficult - and sometimes closed because of the danger of rockfall.’
    • ‘They were 2,1km below ground when a tremor, measuring 2,9 on the Richter scale, caused the rockfall.’
    • ‘Heavy downpours, gale force winds and rockfalls battered parts of the Eastern Cape throughout the weekend.’
    • ‘There are crevasses to fall into, rockfalls, avalanches, and severe weather, particularly the wind, on such a mountain.’
    • ‘If you're looking for an appropriate site, you'll want it to have sunshine, flat ground, and clean water nearby, plus protection from wind, avalanches, and rockfall.’
    • ‘As the melting ice weakens the mountains, Switzerland is already experiencing more rockfalls, landslides, and mudflows, but things could get much worse.’
    • ‘Its first priority is to identify where permafrost is present and where mudslides and rockfalls are likely as it melts under the effect of global warming.’
    landslip, mudslide, earthslip, earthfall
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    1. 1.1 A mass of fallen rock.
      • ‘Road workers are currently clearing the streets of debris, with this one closed because of rockfalls.’
      • ‘Floods and landslides have hit many cities and towns across the country since December during this delayed rainy season, leaving dozens of people drowned or buried under mudslides and rockfalls.’
      • ‘In eight groups of rockfalls more than 75,000 years old, broken speleothems are the only record of the prehistoric seismicity.’
      • ‘The Glen Lyon Millennium Event takes the form of a horseshoe route which follows an old peat track past a flowing burn, replete with deep pools, rockfalls and ancient trees.’
      • ‘On first inspection it looked none too promising with the roof of a nice 2m wide by 1m tall shaped passage giving out to a loose rockfall.’
      • ‘She wasn't sleepy and she still wanted to talk to him so she followed him to a small rockfall and watched as he rolled, then lit, a cigarette.’