Definition of rocketry in US English:



  • 1The branch of science that deals with rockets and rocket propulsion.

    • ‘Arnold went on to foster the development of such transformational innovations as jet aircraft, rocketry, and supersonic flight.’
    • ‘The presenters are both French engineers who spend their spare time teaching the arts of rocketry and robotics.’
    • ‘The workshop covered an overview of ISRO programmes, rocketry and applications of space science and technology.’
    • ‘Three important developments during the first half of the twentieth century laid the foundation for both modern rocketry and careers within the field.’
    • ‘Independent India has made spectacular advances in rocketry and space science, making the country a force to reckon with, both during peace-time and during war.’
    1. 1.1 The use of rockets.
      • ‘There will also be a number of activities on the university's sports fields, including displays of rocketry.’
      • ‘Experiments in rocketry combined with developments in guidance mechanisms and gas-turbine engines led to jet aircraft and to ballistic and cruise missiles.’
      • ‘Baker has spent billions on military satellites and rocketry, but he wouldn't let us send any supplies to the colonists on Mars.’
      • ‘The narrator explains that this was because of Newton's Third Law of Motion: for every action there is a reaction equal and opposite in direction, which is useful in rocketry.’
      • ‘In rocketry, motors are designated with letters, and each succeeding letter is twice as big as the one before it.’