Definition of rocket scientist in US English:

rocket scientist


  • 1A specialist in rocketry.

    • ‘World scientists now realized that the German rocket scientists had brought us to the edge of the space age.’
    • ‘Only rocket scientists and the mathematically gifted can do mental arithmetic accurately which involves dividing or multi-plying.’
    • ‘The oldest, a rocket scientist, is now a father himself, the youngest is off to university to read medicine.’
    • ‘Of what possible use in this fight are all those people trained as rocket scientists and particle physicists and such?’
    • ‘I'm a part time, one man show here with a full time job providing technical guidance and support to a team of rocket scientists.’
    • ‘I had no idea that Von Braun, developer of the V - 2, was Hitler's chief rocket scientist.’
    • ‘One spot hypes the technic roller coaster with the tag, ‘Every rocket scientist remembers their first introduction to a little thing called G-Force.’’
    • ‘They will provide a high standard of living for rocket scientists, secret police agents, and such intellectuals and athletes whose accomplishments help to reflect glory on the regime.’
    • ‘Motivating employees - whether they're ball players or rocket scientists - to produce and share their knowledge begins in the front office.’
    • ‘Augmenting this distinguished group were immigrant German rocket scientists who had worked for the Nazi regime, the best-known of whom was Werner von Braun.’
    • ‘This sort of stuff must be great fun for rocket scientists, cosmic physicists and nerds in white coats, but it's likely to leave the average reader bewildered.’
    • ‘While today's TRW may be rightly considered the roosting place of countless rocket scientists, its beginnings are more nuts and bolts - literally.’
    • ‘Cambridge has a long and valiant history in spawning rocket scientists, as well as a track record in trying to turn their ideas into viable products and businesses.’
    • ‘As Stern says, ‘there's more opportunity for rocket scientists and brain surgeons than there is for pro basketball players.’’
    1. 1.1informal usually with negative An extremely intelligent person.
      ‘he's a nice kid—maybe not a rocket scientist, but he should come out okay’