Definition of rockabilly in US English:



  • A type of popular music, originating in the southeastern US in the 1950s, combining elements of rock and roll and country music.

    • ‘Finally, music is very important to his films, often blending diverse styles like American rockabilly and blues, classical music, and Finnish pop songs.’
    • ‘This first release more than conveys the excitement these boys bring to the tried and true rockabilly of the past.’
    • ‘I wanted guys who were hot musicians who didn't have grounding in rockabilly or country or blues.’
    • ‘The film shows us the early years at Sun Records, where rock and roll was born - the artists on the label brought country and rockabilly and the blues and gospel together.’
    • ‘For a man who was known to record some of the most fiery roots music this side of the Mississippi, he was usually not featured belting out some rambunctious R & B or scorching rockabilly.’


1950s: blend of rock and roll and hillbilly.