Definition of rock the boat in US English:

rock the boat


  • Say or do something to disturb an existing situation.

    • ‘They want to be sure that nobody rocks the boat and no major donors are offended.’
    • ‘It's not true, and for a man to hear the message that the greatest achievement of his life is simply not rocking the boat, not offending anyone, not taking any risks but just being a genuinely swell guy - that kills him.’
    • ‘They are upset that anyone is now rocking the boat and might endanger their hopes to become enriched.’
    • ‘They feel compelled to be careful about what they say so as not to upset the people around them or rock the boat.’
    • ‘It is obviously easier to move one person, who is not going to rock the boat, than two, who have rocked the boat, and have got off a discipline proceedings.’
    • ‘For every thing that goes wrong one way they try to compensate by moving to the other extreme, this rocks the boat even more and they overcompensate back the other way.’
    • ‘Together they are two mature, cash flow rich markets so long as no one rocks the boat.’
    • ‘What you'll find now is that arts and culture and cultural diversity cuts both sides of politics and no government will go to an election with a policy which effectively rocks the boat on that.’
    • ‘Angela Rippon rocks the boat gently with Cole Porter's marvellous musical.’
    • ‘Nothing rocks the boat of politicians or corporations more than written notice to commence boycotting.’