Definition of rock hyrax in US English:

rock hyrax


  • An African hyrax that lives on rocky outcrops and cliffs and feeds mainly on grass.

    Genus Procavia (and Heterohyrax), family Procaviidae: several species

    Also called dassie
    • ‘The only animal you are likely to see in the upper alpine zones is the rock hyrax.’
    • ‘Of course, once at the top, world-class views took second place to rock hyraxes.’
    • ‘It is a lovely spot and must be one of the quietest places on earth, with no man-made sounds and only a couple of fish eagles and rock hyrax to disturb the silence.’
    • ‘For example, most grazing and mixed feeding ungulates have hypsodont teeth, but the hippo and the rock hyrax have brachyodont teeth.’