Definition of rock dove in US English:

rock dove


  • A mainly gray Old World pigeon that frequents coastal and inland cliffs. It is the ancestor of domestic and feral pigeons.

    Columba livia, family Columbidae

    • ‘The leaves disappeared from the penny only in 1967, when they were replaced by a rock dove to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of confederation.’
    • ‘Along with the raven and the eagle, the rock dove is ‘part of a great trinity of bird symbols for Western civilisation’.’
    • ‘Characteristic urban species - rock dove, European starling, and house sparrow - are currently absent from Baker Lake.’
    • ‘Descended from wild rock doves, homing pigeons can locate their lofts, or roosts, even when released several thousand miles away.’
    • ‘He's a member of the pigeon family which includes the familiar rock dove, and the common city pigeon, as well as the white-winged dove of the Southwest.’


rock dove

/ˈräk ˌdōv/