Definition of rock cod in US English:

rock cod


  • Any of a number of marine fishes that frequent rocky habitats, especially in Australian waters.

    Several species, chiefly in the families Scorpaenidae and Serranidae

    • ‘One good one, S. cardinalis, turns up in Australia, where it was given the inappropriate name of red rock cod.’
    • ‘A 27 kg male will consume roughly 25 per cent of his body weight in clams, crabs, squid and rock cod each day.’
    • ‘Our rods were home made, but with my rod I caught rock cod, parrot fish and spotties.’
    • ‘At the edge of the park, you find a collection of caves housing a school of giant rock cod, some stretching the whole of 2 metres.’
    • ‘So I tried to ignore them by concentrating on the numerous rock cod that seemed to be sunning themselves on the coral.’