Definition of rock chick in US English:

rock chick


  • A woman who performs, likes, or dresses in a style associated with rock music.

    ‘she likes to dress like a rock chick’
    • ‘She's a West Coast rock chick.’
    • ‘She's got that naturally gorgeous rock chick thing happening.’
    • ‘Despite the classy clothes, she still moved with the easy swagger of a rock chick.’
    • ‘I really feel that you need to be a rock chick to be in the DJ business and I just wanted to spend time at home.’
    • ‘They remind me of what it felt like to be a young aspiring rock chick.’
    • ‘She was a rock chick ahead of her time.’
    • ‘She is known as a rock chick with an attitude and has legions of devoted fans.’
    • ‘It's clear that she is a rock chick at heart.’
    • ‘Skinheads mixed with rock chicks and indie lovers as the massed ranks heaved and jostled to bag the prime vantage points.’
    • ‘Kate loves singing and is a frustrated rock chick.’
    • ‘Last December, the wild rock chick reportedly instigated a bar brawl after she punched a fellow clubber’
    • ‘I've certainly never been a rock chick - I wasn't into that whole leather trouser look.’