Definition of rock band in US English:

rock band

(also rock group)


  • A number of musicians who play rock music together.

    ‘he plays electric guitar in a rock band’
    • ‘Once you've assessed what they've done and the influence they've had, it's hard to argue that they're not among the greatest rock bands ever.’
    • ‘This very talented local rock band gave a brilliant performance playing new and old favorites.’
    • ‘This local rock band have gone from strength to strength over the past year and are now almost booked out every weekend.’
    • ‘In his youth, he was bass guitarist in a rock band.’
    • ‘They certainly are one of the most effortlessly brilliant stadium rock bands playing today.’
    • ‘He is the lead singer of one of the best known rock bands of all times.’
    • ‘For his part, he seems to be a fan of old-school rock groups.’
    • ‘She played drums in a few all-girl rock bands in the Pacific Northwest in the 90s.’
    • ‘For a while, it seemed like The Ramones would be the only rock group, punk or otherwise, that would ever matter again.’
    • ‘While working in a pawn shop, he began his musical career in a local rock band.’
    • ‘The gallery recently hosted a one-man exhibition of works by the founding member of the rock group Jefferson Airplane.’
    • ‘This album is a must-have for anyone who is a newcomer to this seminal indie rock band.’
    • ‘In 1984, after seven years of touring and producing records, the English punk rock band broke up.’
    • ‘Tickets were snapped up as soon and they went on sale and why not; they are without doubt the best rock band on the planet and will give value for money.’
    • ‘The greatest misconception is that they are just a rock group.’
    • ‘Eventually I got good enough to play in rock bands.’
    • ‘He began his musical career in the early 90s, playing in punk rock bands in the small coastal town of Varberg.’
    • ‘They have become one of the biggest selling rock groups in America today, selling ten million albums and rapidly earning their place in rock history.’
    • ‘They probably are my all time favourite rock band.’
    • ‘In the 1980s, he spent five years on the road as a stage manager for a rock band.’