Definition of rock and roller in US English:

rock and roller

(also rock 'n' roller)


  • See rock and roll

    • ‘I am, after all, a lifelong and unrepentant rock and roller, and I turned out okay.’
    • ‘Many rock and rollers become rich and famous, but few can claim to have also had a significant impact on culture at large.’
    • ‘As for the musical numbers, they're standard video stuff with Nesmith playing a few funny characters, like a smooth lounge singer or a smitten '50s rock and roller.’
    • ‘Recorded in the seventies this was a chance to see the great rock and roller performing in his prime.’
    • ‘But according to Geldof all this means nothing because first and foremost, he sees himself as a rock and roller.’


rock and roller

/ˌrɑk ən ˈroʊlər//ˌräk ən ˈrōlər/