Main definitions of roc in English

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  • A gigantic mythological bird described in the Arabian Nights.

    • ‘Suddenly the serenity is broken as a giant bird, recalling the mythological roc, barges through the brush, creating a momentary panic among the dawn horses.’
    • ‘These include sirens, menacing sea creatures and a rather frosty roc.’
    • ‘The legend of the roc surfaces in several stories of the Arabian Nights - two involving Sinbad and two about Abd -al -Rahman.’
    • ‘The winds were swirling faster now, an angry ice-taloned roc with wings of darkness.’
    • ‘Talon received a job he very much enjoyed, being allowed to sit in the crow's nest high above the wooden deck and scout for any signs of avian life that could prove dangerous, such as rocs or griffons.’


Late 16th century: ultimately from Persian ruḵ.




Main definitions of roc in English

: roc1ROC2


  • (in the UK) Royal Observer Corps.