Definition of Robin Hood in US English:

Robin Hood

proper noun

  • 1A semilegendary English medieval outlaw, reputed to have robbed the rich and helped the poor. Although he is generally associated with Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, it seems likely that the real Robin Hood operated in Yorkshire in the early 13th century.

    1. 1.1as noun a Robin Hood A person considered to be taking from the wealthy and giving to the poor.
      • ‘This Robin Hood would only be lowering the pay-outs for others who bet the winning horse at a somewhat greater risk of performance.’
      • ‘He was a neighborhood institution, a Robin Hood who rolled in a caddy, doling out cash to the downtrodden while sticking it to the man.’
      • ‘Acting as a Robin Hood for a group of starving actors, he swipes the marked can and gives it to Maggie, whom he loves from afar.’
      • ‘It was his notoriety as a particular kind of outlaw: a social bandit, a Robin Hood who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.’


Robin Hood

/ˈräbən ˌho͝od//ˈrɑbən ˌhʊd/