Definition of robber in English:



  • A person who commits robbery.

    • ‘In order to protect the town from the robbers, soldiers keep watch in front of the gate.’
    • ‘See how easily he slips out from the shadows to capture those bank robbers.’
    • ‘Fred and Barney start a private detective agency, but they are hired for their first job by a pair of bank robbers looking for someone to frame.’
    • ‘The cop plays cat-and-mouse with the robbers, knocking them off one by one, all the while carrying on a verbal sparring match with the ringleader via walkie-talkie.’
    • ‘Four young train enthusiasts hope to clean her up for a new private line but haven't reckoned on the plans of two train robbers.’
    • ‘The three robbers surprised guards last December when they burst into the museum five minutes before closing time, one wielding a machine gun.’
    • ‘The two call for backup, make their way inside, split up to cover more territory, and soon find the robbers.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the boys find out that the money was stolen as part of a robbery, and one of the robbers wants it back.’
    • ‘Narrated in a high piping voice, the story concerns a police chief who pursues a robber into a church.’
    • ‘He plays a computer security expert forced to hack into his own firewalls in order to save his family from bank robbers.’
    • ‘The robbers do not expect to find the new owners already moved in, but are not about to abort their mission.’
    • ‘This is a remake of a 1977 film starring Jane Fonda and George Segal as suburban bank robbers.’
    • ‘He tries to tell Rose that he's been exonerated because the real robber has been apprehended.’
    • ‘In the movie, a group of bank robbers uses sophisticated technology to perform their heists.’
    • ‘Hence, the brothers must outwit the robbers who want their money back, while facing the inevitable changes that will shape the rest of their lives.’
    • ‘Even the structure of the movie is rare - it belongs as much to the cops as it does to the robbers.’
    • ‘In one version the bandits and their boss join the imperial forces and from then on fight robbers and bandits in the name of law and order.’
    • ‘After a brief struggle, Tom gets the gun away from one of the robbers and uses it to dispatch both intruders.’
    • ‘Events get off to a ghoulish start as a pair of grave robbers rendezvous in a dark alley to transfer a freshly stolen body from one car to the other.’
    • ‘A cafe owner vouches for them and they are freed, but it isn't long before they come face to face with the bloodthirsty robber and his hatchet man!’
    burglar, thief, housebreaker, cat burglar, sneak thief, mugger, shoplifter, stealer, pilferer
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Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French and Old French robere, from the verb rober (see rob).