Definition of rob (or steal) someone blind in US English:

rob (or steal) someone blind


  • Rob or cheat someone in a comprehensive or merciless way.

    • ‘We ended up with a village full of psychos and crooks who'd rob you blind as soon as look at you.’
    • ‘Right… before the peddler got himself robbed blind, Mom spent all the money she had on a pair of charms.’
    • ‘What happens in terms of the kinds of things we're talking about here, where they're stealing each other's phone calls and robbing each other blind?’
    • ‘But I don't see anyone, even Davis who let them rob us blind, doing that.’
    • ‘You had encountered him in one of your many adventures and they had tried to trick you so they could rob you blind.’
    • ‘Shrouded in paternalistic jingo, the owners robbed and cheated the players blind.’
    • ‘Dry cleaners and hairdressers don't rob you blind.’
    • ‘I suspect this is one of those evil schemes where he and his crony pray on the innocence of passing motorists so they may take advantage of you and rob you blind.’
    • ‘The only future for young tilers in this state was to be robbed blind and then thrown on the scrap heap when they burned out at an early age.’
    • ‘They robbed Detroit blind and now they're after New York.’