Definition of roadworthy in US English:



  • (of a motor vehicle or bicycle) fit to be used on the road.

    ‘it was still roadworthy’
    • ‘The argument of the insurance company is that it's not really a roadworthy vehicle and as such, shouldn't be on the roads.’
    • ‘Moreover, if you can keep your car roadworthy for ten years, then even assuming your car is worthless after that time your annual depreciation will have been just 10%.’
    • ‘Salvaged from the wrecker for $1 per vehicle, the cars are made roadworthy and eventually outfitted with $5,000 worth of video and audio equipment.’
    • ‘Like the pink slip provided by authorised mechanics certifying a motorist's car is roadworthy, a Certificate of Class has been awarded.’
    • ‘Motor policies impose a positive obligation to maintain the vehicle in good repair, or as in the present case in a efficient and roadworthy condition.’
    • ‘Make sure your car is roadworthy before you hit, the road.’
    • ‘The drivers of the Corporation's conservancy vehicles struck work on Thursday, demanding that the vehicles be kept in roadworthy condition.’
    • ‘The transaction under consideration was one whereby the repairer of a vehicle returned it to its owner, having failed to put it into a roadworthy condition.’
    • ‘The subcompact car stole a top spot in a recent quality ranking by the German agency that certifies autos as roadworthy.’
    • ‘Upon freeing it, she examined it and deemed it roadworthy.’
    • ‘About 34,000 were originally produced between 1957-1959 and most of the roadworthy models still around today can be found in Europe and the United States.’
    • ‘I waited impatiently for the day when Dad would announce that we'd made it roadworthy.’
    • ‘Thirdly, even if you bought a roadworthy vehicle, maintaining the car can be quite costly.’
    • ‘She had emphasised to her daughter the need to check that the van was roadworthy, particularly as to its steering, brakes and tyres.’
    • ‘In particular it is not likely that the Legislature intended by these means to impose on the owners of vehicles an absolute obligation to have them roadworthy in all events even in the absence of negligence.’
    • ‘Honda uses the track as a test lab to apply methodical engineering to create roadworthy consumer automobiles.’
    • ‘It appears drivers spend almost £900 a year just keeping their cars roadworthy, almost two thirds of the cost of insurance and car tax combined.’
    • ‘The paperwork can be onerous as the car has to be certified as roadworthy for the UK and transit plates have to be paid for at a cost of £150-200.’
    • ‘For example, the duty to take reasonable care for the safety of road users requires that a motor vehicle be in a roadworthy condition.’