Definition of roadwork in English:



  • 1British Work done in building or repairing roads.

    • ‘One of the artists is now considering taking her work outside and putting on her show amid the roadworks so that at least people will see it.’
    • ‘He believes the roadworks in the area have affected the sales.’
    • ‘The cabbie said, Listen mate, I can't be blamed if they've got roadworks at Hyde Park Corner.’
    • ‘The very welcome traffic-jam busting M6 toll road in England's West Midlands is only two months old - but already two lanes have been closed for roadworks.’
    • ‘The device can also conjure up alternative routes to bypass roadworks and traffic jams, and will quickly get motorists back on course if they take a wrong turning.’
    • ‘They are planning to bundle roadwork projects, but this plan is in the early stages.’
    • ‘Transport developments may put off potential vendors and the traffic congestion the roadworks will cause will undoubtedly lead to buyers opting to look elsewhere.’
    • ‘It was an exercise in landscape history before gravel quarrying and roadworks east of Kettering and Wellingborough destroyed the evidence.’
    • ‘It can even work out quick detours around traffic jams and roadworks, if you encounter any, Evesham said.’
    • ‘The suspension is excellent and it coped very well with the pre-Olympic roadworks around Athens, as it did on bumpy rural roads further out into Attica.’
    • ‘Delays are being caused by the Glen of the Downs / Kilmacanogue bypass roadworks, but these should be completed by the end of August this year.’
    • ‘Dublin jewellers are experiencing a drop in engagement ring sales, as romance pays the price for Luas roadworks and a weakening economy, according to the city's jewellers.’
    • ‘However, Slattery believes that due to roadwork delays, many people are not sticking the commute.’
    • ‘Temporary traffic lights, single lane restrictions and roadworks are in place on the Greenhills Road between AirtonRoadand Old Tallaght Road.’
    • ‘This work will be carried out as part of a major maintenance roadwork scheme programmed for early 1993.’
    • ‘Minihan believed the lottery was creating ‘the wrong image’ because tickets were being sold at traffic lights and roadworks around the country.’
    • ‘Their properties were being devalued by poor repairs and the failure of some of those carrying out roadworks to replace verges and railings.’
    • ‘Constant roadworks lead to rush-hour gridlock on the highways linking the bustling resorts of Ayia Napa, Lemesos and Paphos.’
    • ‘The Roads Authority imposed restrictions on the use of the B1 route between Rehoboth and Windhoek for the purpose of major roadworks.’
  • 2Athletic exercise or training involving running on roads.

    • ‘I like to get up before daybreak and get my roadwork done.’
    • ‘The first step, he says, is to get in plenty of roadwork.’
    • ‘In addition there is his regular roadwork and acclimatization in the sauna at the Steinbach Aquatic Centre.’
    1. 2.1 Time spent traveling while working or on tour.
      ‘the volume of roadwork has worn him down’
      • ‘One of the reasons for Nickelback's success has been the non-stop roadwork and touring.’