Definition of roadway in US English:



  • 1A road.

    • ‘Further tests may reveal whether planting Neotyphodium-infected robust needlegrass along roadsides could discourage animals from grazing too close to roadways.’
    • ‘However, traffic increased for all categories of roads, suggesting that road conditions will worsen, especially for those lower function roadways.’
    • ‘The music school is surrounded by busy arterial roadways, so acoustical considerations were critical in its design.’
    • ‘Access to local land is a key function of local roads, whereas mobility, defined as moving traffic on longer trips, is a key function of national roadways such as Interstate Highways.’
    • ‘A county bridge about 1-1/2 miles downstream washed out, and the roadway was severely damaged.’
    • ‘Despite the addition in the 1960s of pole-mounted floodlights to illuminate the roadway, plans to light the entire structure never materialized.’
    • ‘When illuminated at night, the structure creates an illusion of glittering crystal arching over the roadway.’
    • ‘The staff harvests and packages native wild grass and flower seed and provides it to garden clubs, conservation organizations and individuals for planting in fields and along roadways.’
    • ‘Few roots will grow beneath an impervious surface such as a roadway.’
    • ‘Second, these data describe only the portion of rural roadways eligible for federal funding.’
    • ‘In the past 20 years, the number of cars, trucks, and buses dodging potholes on America's roadways has surged 36 percent, according to the Federal Highway Administration.’
    • ‘For five years, the automaker has littered the roadways with disgruntled owners.’
    • ‘Tall pine trees line the roadways around towns like Ft. Gaines, Arlington and Blakely.’
    • ‘Crushed clamshells, a waste product from the local Chesapeake Bay seafood industries, have been used to pave roadways.’
    • ‘The projects, many of which were already under way, include the construction of over 50 miles of new subway and light rail lines and 26 miles of new or upgraded roadways.’
    • ‘Tom White opens with the view from a car speeding along a raised roadway at night.’
    • ‘Since then, regular commerce has been returning, but not without security delays - at airports, at U.S. borders, in office buildings, on roadways, anywhere the public must congregate or pass.’
    • ‘If these findings hold up in further experiments, engineers will know where to focus to quiet our roadways.’
    • ‘Initially, the company only provided milling and paving services on highways, roadways, and parking lots.’
    • ‘Road surface type improvements took place in a dynamic traffic environment in which annual vehicle-miles of travel increased for all categories of roadways.’
    byroad, byway, bridleway, bridle path, path, pathway, footpath, way, towpath, trail, track, road, street, alley, alleyway, passage, thoroughfare
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    1. 1.1 The part of a road intended for vehicles, in contrast to a sidewalk or median.
      • ‘The roadway had been widened and paved, and presently received a prestigious name: the Avenue Paul Cezanne.’
      • ‘Eighty-two were charged with misdemeanors for failing to obey a traffic officer and blocking a roadway.’
      • ‘"The roadways were blocked, " says White, and the WTC work took precedence.’
      highway, thoroughfare
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    2. 1.2 The part of a bridge or railroad used by traffic.