Definition of roadster in US English:



  • 1An open-top automobile with two seats.

    • ‘Cadillac's 1999 concept car is spawning a luxury roadster for 2003.’
    • ‘This spring, BMW plans to reintroduce the Mini Cooper, a classically designed roadster with fun and style as its main themes.’
    • ‘The car has been criticised for having ride and roadholding compromised by the flexible nature of the body - a common problem with roadsters.’
    • ‘It's one of the most exciting roadsters to come along in years - a toy but one that grown ups can play with.’
    • ‘The following year, Saturn will likely roll out a small sports car built on the same platform as the new Pontiac Solstice roadster, but styled in Europe.’
    • ‘I gave him the passenger seat in my Morgan roadster, put the top down so he could sit up and see the sights, then drove him home each day.’
    • ‘Now, renters will receive even greater savings with $75 off long-term rentals of convertibles or roadsters for thirty days or longer.’
    • ‘In Renault's Wind concept roadster, the steering wheel and pedals fold away when the door is opened.’
    • ‘It's puzzling why so many offshore nameplates have successfully brought roadsters to the North American market while domestic automakers stood by and watched the fun from afar.’
    • ‘It was a stirring creation - a two-tone, metallic-blue convertible roadster that reeked of power and dash.’
    • ‘There are four types of concept cars: roadsters (which you must start building first), sports cars, super cars, and the dream cars.’
    • ‘More retro than futuristic, it's a car in the style of the great two-seater roadsters of the past, with more than a passing nod to the fabulous BMW 507 from the 1950s.’
    • ‘This is the latest incarnation in a range of easily driven British roadsters dating back to the sixties.’
    • ‘Our renewed love affair with open-air motoring coincided with the explosion in pretty two-seat roadsters.’
    • ‘Aficionados complained that the previous model shared too much with Porsche's entry-level roadster, the $42, 600 and up Boxster.’
    • ‘Modeled after British roadsters, the Miata MX - 5 is less about muscle than about being a quick and nimble extension of you.’
    • ‘We sit backed up in traffic behind Range Rovers, BMW roadsters and other upscale cars headed to the new ferry terminal connecting northern Jersey and lower Manhattan.’
    • ‘Forget your zippy roadsters, your perky hybrids, your family sedans, your humble pickup trucks - to qualify for this tax break, your road machine has to be bigger than big.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, the bulk of these launches will be for niche models, such as small and compact people carriers, sports utility vehicles, coupes, convertibles and sports roadsters.’
    • ‘Like most roadsters, storage space is at a bit of a premium, so there are nets here and there, various bins and boxes, all reflecting the compact nature of the car itself.’
    1. 1.1 A horse for use on the road.