Definition of road test in English:

road test


  • 1A test of the performance of a vehicle or engine on the road.

    • ‘It's an unusual feeling to get out of a full-sized, heavy-duty crew cab pick-up after a road test and find the old minivan annoyingly cumbersome to park.’
    • ‘It is the tiny but manoeuvrable two-door Goggomobil - made in Germany by Hans Glas Limited - which began road tests in East London yesterday.’
    • ‘Paul say consumers should beware of these ratings because they are based on lab tests, not road tests.’
    • ‘This week's road tests are of two cars that I would just love to sit in, but the number of ‘test’ Maserati's in this country tend to be few and far between!’
    • ‘After receiving government approval this month, the carmaker has begun public road tests of its X-Trail FCV, a hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicle.’
    • ‘When the time comes every five years or so for these people to buy a new car, they don't trouble themselves with reading road tests, trawling through brochures or comparing prices.’
    • ‘The car is also winning accolades and group road tests in top European motoring magazines such as auto motor und sport in Germany.’
    • ‘So far, no accidents have occurred because of the defect, which road tests have found was aggravated when the car travels at high speeds on rough roads.’
    • ‘John is the very witty and outspoken scribe from Down-under who contributes some road tests for our Automania column.’
    • ‘The Daewoo may strike some as a little expensive but it is a good package, especially in aftersales service, and it has done well on the various road tests.’
    • ‘The car looks great from all angles and has won praise in road tests for having good grip and handling characteristics.’
    • ‘This website not only provides a guide to the prices that you should pay, but also details of road tests, potential problems and the price of parts.’
    • ‘Information from the road tests will allow you to zero in on which of the vehicles discussed above will be the best for you.’
    • ‘Both are competitively priced, well built and have done well on road tests.’
    • ‘From my own search diligence, I have read several reviews and road tests.’
    • ‘Many motoring magazines are to blame for this fairly recent phenomenon of lights misuse, showing road tests of new cars with all lights ablaze.’
    • ‘As regular readers will know, I do not believe in writing up road tests on vehicles driven round the block from the local dealership!’
    1. 1.1A test of equipment carried out in working conditions.
      ‘he hopes to present a road test of whiskeys and to debate the various aromas and tastes’
      • ‘The road tests present a clear-cut demonstration of the possibilities for capacity and economy offered by modern features of locomotive proportioning and design.’
      • ‘We took the revolutionary BioNav in-car navigation system out for a road test.’
    2. 1.2US A test of a person's competence in driving a motor vehicle that must be passed in order to get a driver's license.
      • ‘Jaycee hated having to wait to pass her road test until she was sixteen, but it was Michigan law.’
      • ‘Not to overshadow whatever mood that you're in at this particular moment, but Sunny passed her road test this morning.’
      • ‘She had been driving for years in India, but here she failed the crucial road test because she was used to driving on the left.’
      • ‘There were no parking lots or anything, so I managed to parallel park on the side of the road, something that I hadn't done since I took my road test almost two years ago.’
      • ‘And with a few turns around the block with a driving instructor, you can cruise through the road test too.’
      • ‘Frankie had just passed her first road test and it was her first time driving alone for a long distance.’
      • ‘To qualify as a licensed driver, one has to take a written test and a road test, and the expectation is that individuals who pass the tests have inherent capacities to drive well.’
      • ‘Despite limitations, road tests have been advocated as the preferred method to assess driving competency, and they also play an important role in retraining.’
      • ‘Incentives like shorter waiting times for road tests if lessons are taken aren't helping to reduce the number of traffic accidents.’
      • ‘Ian had to go take his road test for his license, but he'd promised to be there later.’
      • ‘In the chapter on preparing for the road test, it explains many concepts that would otherwise only be covered in an advanced defensive-driving course.’
      • ‘Her road test was Monday, as you were not allowed to take the test before sixteen years old in Michigan.’


  • 1 Test (a vehicle or engine) on the road.

    • ‘When I'm road-testing a car, I often take it up to Liverpool because it gives me a chance for a long drive.’
    • ‘A friend road-tested his brand-new Dodge Charger on I - 87 north out of New York, up to Lake Champlain on the Canadian border.’
    • ‘The leading automobile company is already road-testing its electric vehicle, Bijlee.’
    • ‘They'll also be joined by local personalities who will be road-testing some of the new models at the 2002 show.’
    • ‘To be fair, after the first 9 months the garage owner did proudly announce that the car would be ready to road-test in two days time.’
    • ‘We may even be road-testing vehicles on similar road conditions for braking power.’
    1. 1.1Try out (something) in working conditions for review or prior to purchase or release.
      ‘we road-tested a new laptop computer’
      • ‘He was at the University of Chicago yesterday to road-test some of his book's arguments.’
      • ‘Sometimes we will road test a variety by planting a few trees or a row to see how they do during several seasons.’
      • ‘We have a better idea, and it's already been road-tested.’
      • ‘We came to an agreement where they could road test the standards and we'd do some gap analysis to see where we stood on that parcel of land.’
      • ‘To help you find the best centerpiece for your machine, PC World road-tested 14 state-of-the-art boards for Athlon 64 and Pentium 4 CPUs.’
      • ‘With the band heading in to the studio at the end of the tour to record their new album, they took the opportunity to road test a number of their new songs.’
      • ‘We decided to help you cut to the chase by road-testing some top exercise sites.’
      • ‘The controversial measures have been road-tested by a small group of local education authorities.’
      • ‘The next day I wrote a couple and road-tested them on her in the evening.’
      • ‘Anyone buying into the extras finds themselves road-testing a technology that is still in a developmental stage.’
      • ‘Our panel of entrepreneurs road-test the sites offering printing services’
      • ‘After road-testing the backpack version I give this product a big thumbs up for ease of use, value for money, reliability and effective security.’
      • ‘Police road-testing new technology to track unlicensed cars had an automatic success when they pulled over a man with a loaded handgun.’
      • ‘This is a veritable mantra among staffers, many of whom have children of their own to road-test the merchandise.’
      • ‘It's as if Centrelink is trying to road-test the federal government's new industrial relations laws.’
      • ‘We've got a few plans for the weekend; I finished Heather's bike yesterday, so we need to get around to road-testing that one…’
      • ‘It was road-tested by a Register editor released into the wilds of Essex - he was quickly directed to a nearby hostelry.’
      • ‘Check that all the links work and that the navigation is easy, then ask friends and family to road-test it and give their verdicts.’
      • ‘Unlike someone who purchases a new car, patients cannot road-test a new hip or knee.’
      • ‘What made you decide to come to North America to road test the new album?’


road test

/ˈrōd ˌtest/