Definition of road rage in US English:

road rage


  • Violent anger caused by the stress and frustration involved in driving a motor vehicle in difficult conditions.

    • ‘This short about road rage was truly ahead of its time.’
    • ‘Once the symbol and instrument of progress, now it drives us to gridlock and road rage.’
    • ‘Aiming for the market occupied by the rich, some insurers are introducing cover for stalking, road rage, car jacking, aggravated burglary and kidnap.’
    • ‘The movie features fast cars, a psychotic with road rage, a bounty hunter, and an attractive blonde.’
    • ‘I was disgusted with this guy's driving skills, disgusted with the macho attitude, and those of you who have ever driven with me will know I suffer from chronic road rage.’
    • ‘This reduces the myth to history's earliest account of road rage, complete with an autopsy report.’
    • ‘Driving buses is physically and emotionally taxing, with increasing demands for customer service, working congested routes, avoiding road rage, and dealing with schoolchildren.’
    • ‘I'm in the middle of watching ‘Band of Brothers,’ and getting accustomed to the vocabulary of warfare, but it doesn't mean I'm going to implement such tactics during spells of road rage.’


road rage

/roʊd reɪdʒ/