Definition of road kill in US English:

road kill


  • 1An animal (or animals, collectively) killed by a vehicle on a road.

    1. 1.1informal Someone or something no longer useful or desired.
      ‘gee, thanks for making me feel like road kill’
      • ‘Like any fundamental shift in technology infrastructure, this could leave a path of corporate roadkill in its wake.’
      • ‘His most remarkable feat, though, has been his salvage job at Nissan, which looked like road kill five years ago when he arrived.’
      • ‘He replies, rather cynically, ‘You're roadkill when they start calling you legendary.’’
      • ‘Obsession with detail is one reason VW has succeeded so brilliantly in reviving its fortunes in the U.S., where the VW brand was road kill a decade ago.’
      • ‘If there was any nervousness at the prospect of the company becoming roadkill at the hands of the cellular handset manufacturers, it didn't appear to be reflected by the audience of analysts and press yesterday.’
      • ‘Much like road kill, we were compelled to turn away.’
      • ‘I sighed and sat down on the chair beside Aaron, who, in turn, whispered to me from the corner of his mouth, ‘You're road kill, Jay.’’
      • ‘The effort became political roadkill after the big six accounting firms and much of corporate America lobbied heavily against it.’