Definition of roach clip in US English:

roach clip


North American
  • A small clip for holding the base of a marijuana cigarette so that it can be smoked without burning the fingers.

    • ‘We took two pieces of copper wire with roach clips, ran them from the battery to an AC / DC inverter, and plugged in a big 2,070-lumen floodlight.’
    • ‘Hopefully this article will motivate all the burnouts out there to grab life by the roach clip and smoke it rather then just staring aimlessly at some movie that they've already seen nine times.’
    • ‘The stoners in 1968, freshly bedecked with beads and roach clips from their ‘psychedelic dungeons’ down on Main St., had very little discernible taste.’
    • ‘Whoever said that the ultimate roach clip is a bobby pin?’
    • ‘Some cigars are so good I need a roach clip to get the last 2mm out of it.’
    • ‘I thought it was cool to wear roach clips in my hair when I was a kid, not realizing that they were used for smoking joints!’
    • ‘He never wanted to be portrayed as some progenitor of '60s counterculture, even as he dreamt up the promotional idea of sending out roach clips with each subscription.’