Definition of rizzared in US English:


(also rizared, rizzered, rizzert)


  • Of fish, especially haddock: dried, parched; especially sun-dried.


Mid 18th century; earliest use found in Aberdeen Journal Notes & Queries. Origin uncertain. Perhaps from French (rare) † ressoré parched, scorched, sun-dried, further etymology uncertain: either from re- + soré, past participle of sorer (now saurer) to preserve (food, especially fish) by treating it with smoke (1611 in Cotgrave; alteration (with change of conjugation) of sorir, in same sense), or perhaps from re- + essoré, past participle of essorer in its senses ‘to air (clothes)’, ‘to dry (something)’ (1200; compare also its rare Middle French (Flanders) variant sorer, which shows elision of the initial vowel). Perhaps compare French regional (Vendôme) resori dried up, which may show the same word as the adjective in Cotgrave, although Französisches etymol. Wörterbuch at *exaurare takes it as ultimately from re- + essorer.