Definition of riyal in US English:


(also rial)


  • The basic monetary unit of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Yemen, equal to 100 halala in Saudi Arabia, 100 dirhams in Qatar, and 100 fils in Yemen.

    • ‘It says first class buildings for accommodation of Hajis in Makkah are easily available for 1,700 riyal but the committee hires these for 2,100 riyal.’
    • ‘The Saudi billionaire has given a vote of confidence to world stock markets with plans to invest 4bn riyals on shares in Europe and the US.’
    • ‘A Tamimi manager says the company pays an average salary of one Saudi riyal a day and grants leave once every two years.’
    • ‘Please also do not close my accounts numbered above with you, but retain a sum of 1,000 Saudi riyals in each account.’
    • ‘The ambassador is alleged to have deposited international drafts in Saudi Arabian riyals in amounts of between $2 million and $4 million, according to reports in the Washington Post.’


Via Persian from Arabic riyāl, from Spanish real ‘royal’.