Definition of riviera in US English:



  • 1A coastal region with a subtropical climate and vegetation.

    • ‘Poor in resources it may be, but the riviera, which in Italian simply means shore, in Liguria becomes The Riviera, a rocky, hauntingly lovely strip of coastline connecting France to Tuscany.’
    • ‘Western Liguria is home to the Italian riviera and the eastern side borders Tuscany.’
    • ‘The Dalmatian riviera in Croatia is fast becoming the place to be seen.’
    • ‘Trieste sits on the Italian riviera, near the Slovenian border and at the foot of the Alps, terraced with peach coloured villas.’
    • ‘Holiday destination to none other than the Blair family, Sharm el Sheikh is also know as the Red Sea riviera.’
    1. 1.1 A Mediterranean coastal region from Marseilles in France to La Spezia in Italy, noted for its beauty and climate, site of many resorts.
      See also Côte d'Azur


Mid 18th century: from Italian, literally ‘seashore’.