Definition of riverfront in US English:



  • The land or property along a river.

    ‘a distinctive feature of Quebec's riverfront’
    • ‘The city approved the foundation construction for the Villa Riva condominiums along the riverfront at 2358 Riverside Ave.’
    • ‘The house I'd rented for the summer was riverfront.’
    • ‘I went for a walk along the riverfront after breakfast.’
    • ‘His home, an ultra modern mansion on three quarters of an acre of riverfront land in Dalkeith, was sold recently.’
    • ‘He formed a group of civic leaders and wowed city officials with a slide show of what the downtown riverfront could look like if the rivers were exposed.’
    • ‘In a significant development at its Southbank complex, Baptist Medical Center intends to almost double the size of its emergency department as well as build a clinical services center and a parking garage along the riverfront.’
    • ‘The ambitious plan aims to transform a historic but neglected section of the town's riverfront into a new cultural district.’
    • ‘The pair planned to build a billion-dollar theme park and hotel casino on the city's riverfront.’
    • ‘There also is a six - to eight-story retail and condominium building on that side, envisioned near the riverfront, that might or might not be completed during the first phase.’
    • ‘They were focused on harbors or riverfronts, since water transport fueled commerce.’
    • ‘A little known fact is that almost all of the riverfront on all sides of Manhattan is actually loose dirt.’
    • ‘Cities like Minneapolis and Memphis are avidly reclaiming their riverfronts.’
    • ‘Lisa jumped into her car and rushed down to the house on the riverfront.’
    • ‘The riverfront was quiet today, no steamers waiting to be unloaded.’
    • ‘Monet was drawn to the industrialized city of London with its bustling riverfront, which was frequently covered in nearly impenetrable fog.’
    • ‘Most artists move into the historic downtown area along the riverfront, which the community has been restoring for the past 15 years.’


  • Located along a river.

    ‘a lovely riverfront park’
    • ‘He plans to introduce a bill in January that would derail Archer's plans for a $2 billion casino corridor along 50 acres of east riverfront property.’
    • ‘Siena Hotel Spa Casino is located in the heart of Reno, Nevada's river walk district and the city's riverfront cultural arts community.’
    • ‘For example, £55,000 will buy you a one-bedroom apartment in a development in Co Cavan, with large riverfront properties on the Shannon available for around £230,000.’
    • ‘Then after that, we just held each other, held hands, walked along our riverfront property.’
    • ‘He emphasized that he wanted to attract ‘people, people, people’ to the riverfront shopping center.’
    • ‘But land speculators drove up riverfront property prices, Archer says, making it too expensive for the city and casino owners to assemble the necessary acreage.’