Definition of riverboat in US English:



  • A boat with a shallow draft, designed for use on rivers.

    • ‘‘She's actually a show girl at one of the riverboat casinos on the Red River,’ teased Ian.’
    • ‘After a journey of 480 miles by foot and riverboat from Winchester, Virginia, Collins and his companions arrived at Fort Washington on August 29, 1791.’
    • ‘I was fortunate enough to find the log he kept as a riverboat captain.’
    • ‘Lincoln's status as a great patenter, incidentally, stems from a single patent (one more than your average US president, we grant you) for a device for lifting riverboats over shoals.’
    • ‘It was chaos, but an intricately organized chaos, and the first heaps of cargo were already being trundled off to dockside and the broad-beamed, clumsy-looking riverboats awaiting them.’
    • ‘Ted Joans was born in Cairo, Illinois, on 4 July 1928, to African American entertainers working on Mississippi riverboats.’
    • ‘The tall man with long blue-black hair leaped lightly from the deck of the riverboat… not wishing to wait on the mooring and the gangplank.’
    • ‘Visit the observation decks at four area lock and dams to watch barges and riverboats pass through.’
    • ‘Then board a riverboat for a trip down the mighty Mississip’!’
    • ‘Saint Louis, situated on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, was an important transportation hub in the nineteenth century before railroads replaced riverboats as the most efficient form of travel.’
    • ‘His parents were performers on Mississippi riverboats.’
    • ‘The casino was a riverboat, lying gently on the Mississippi River.’
    • ‘The passenger capacity of the new facility is approximately 3,200 guests, an increase of 70% over the 1,875 combined capacities of the two riverboats.’
    • ‘When riverboat casinos and Native American casinos started to open in the early 1990s, some Las Vegas operators feared the possible threat to their businesses.’
    • ‘An elegant riverboat was stationed in the current of the river.’
    • ‘An 88-passenger riverboat, River Cloud, will travel on the Danube River from Amsterdam to Antwerp.’
    • ‘A little later he devised a riverboat which could propel itself against a current by using 'legs' that reached the riverbed, as well as the more conventional paddles.’
    • ‘In front of the hotel was the riverboat casino, and in front of that was a marina filled with boats.’
    • ‘On the riverboats, large communal kitchens serve tea and bread for breakfast and rice and beans for lunch and dinner.’
    • ‘New riverboats were constructed to meet these new tourist markets, and much effort was also expended on the restoration of surviving nineteenth-century boats, either for tours or as moored museums.’