Definition of riverbed in US English:



  • 1The bed or channel in which a river flows.

    • ‘Once they receive word that the river has dried, they head out to the riverbed and scoop minnows out of isolated pools.’
    • ‘In severe drought years some reaches of the riverbed dried up completely, resulting in lasting habitat damage.’
    • ‘Also, as more water flows, parts of the riverbed break away.’
    • ‘Once a year, like clockwork, the Old Delhi dam is opened, flooding the dry riverbeds.’
    • ‘I'd never admit it, but I knew that the desert hid old riverbeds that could quickly flood in such a downpour, so it was quite stupid that I was intending to go there.’
    • ‘His boots tell the tale of countless treks up and down the sunbaked gravel and silt of the Gila's riverbed.’
    • ‘Whether it is a streak of water flowing down a dry riverbed or a cast shadow disrupting the almost monochrome field is unclear.’
    • ‘The water that flows over the cascading riverbeds here appears dark copper because the earth is filled with iron.’
    • ‘He knelt down near the riverbed and put water over his face.’
    1. 1.1 The bottom of a river.
      • ‘The dams are anchored to the riverbed, and can be used to span distances up to 135 meters.’
      • ‘Boulders and small stones were used from the nearby riverbeds in a variety of patterns.’
      • ‘Carefully he stuck them hard into the mud on the riverbed.’
      • ‘To wedge each post as tight as possible, they had poured loose stones from riverbeds and the rubble of concrete down into each hole and tamped the stones tight with the butt end of the shovel.’
      • ‘Although the Indians welcomed the new settlers, the discovery of gold in the riverbeds sent the Spaniards into a frenzied search for the coveted nuggets.’
      • ‘Standing at this shore, Joshua laughed aloud as he became aware that the riverbed was no deeper than three feet at best.’
      • ‘The children collected sand from the riverbed, spread it smoothly over the mud floor of their thatch-roofed schoolhouse, and wrote in it with their fingers.’
      • ‘She felt the anchor hit the riverbed and started to struggle more.’
      • ‘They were sat listening to the trickling of the water as the setting sun shone its rays across the riverbed creating colourful reflections and images.’