Definition of river dolphin in US English:

river dolphin


  • A solitary dolphin with a long slender beak, a small dorsal fin, and very poor eyesight. It lives in rivers and coastal waters of South America, India, and China, using echolocation to find its prey.

    Family Platanistidae: four genera and species

    • ‘We saw lots of bird life, occasionally a river dolphin which was a thrill.’
    • ‘Populations of the Amazon river dolphin are distributed widely in many rivers in the Amazon and Orinoco basins.’
    • ‘The channel is looking for eight young, energetic adventurers to take part in a new programme - a serious adventure involving travelling up the Peruvian Amazon in dug-out canoes on an important mission to help rare monkeys and river dolphins.’
    • ‘Most lodge visitors who take advantage of these excursions into primitivism do so only for a night or two, between bird-watching outings and swim-alongs with pink river dolphins.’
    • ‘She has a scholarship to study river dolphins of the Ganga and Irrawady known to frequent waterways in the Sunderbans.’
    • ‘‘One of the reasons I'm doing the study is because we impact on the river dolphins the most closely: fishing, water quality and boat traffic all have an impact,’ she said.’
    • ‘And behind the beaches are great swathes of mangrove forest and mudflats, home to yet more parrots and macaws as well as scarlet ibis, spoonbills and flamingos, manatees and tapirs, and the rare river dolphin.’
    • ‘A week might pass, as they sailed through isolated reaches, when the river dolphins would be the only signs of life they came across.’