Definition of river bottoms in US English:

river bottoms

plural noun

  • Low-lying alluvial land along the banks of a river.

    • ‘They are all running up and down the river bottoms with Billy and the Pritchard boys following behind.’
    • ‘In humid regions and low valleys associated with lakes and river bottoms, groundwater may be only a few feet below the soil surface.’
    • ‘The first settlers had chosen the rich alluvial soils of river bottoms as the site of their settlements in preference to the soils of the less accessible prairies, locations that would also place them further from market.’
    • ‘But the government would tout as a Mecca the grasslands and forested river bottoms near the Red and Arkansas and Verdigris rivers, in Red Eagle's time an all but uncharted mystery.’
    • ‘Sycamores naturally grow in river bottoms, and beavers use the young trees for dams and houses.’
    • ‘If the current grew too strong, they would pole the boats upriver or, worse, tow them by hand, struggling against muddy river bottoms and rattlesnake-infested banks.’
    • ‘It was four and a half miles from the damp river bottoms where most people, particularly women and children, suffered from chronic diseases such as what they called the shaking ague and consumption.’
    • ‘Where trees grew in abundance people gathered, in the shady river bottoms for fish fries and barbecues, on the courthouse lawn for concerts and flea markets, and in the city park for the county fair and class reunions.’
    • ‘Marshall argued that since such risks must be taken into account, it would be quite logical to delay settlement of the river bottoms until medical technology and defense capability were developed.’