Definition of river birch in US English:

river birch


  • A North American birch with peeling reddish-brown or orange bark.

    Betula nigra, family Betulaceae

    • ‘The Sidwells enlarged the patio and covered it with an arbor; created perimeter beds of mixed shrubs and planted a vegetable garden as well as a graceful, native river birch and an ‘Oklahoma’ redbud.’
    • ‘Residents are also encouraged to plant river birch.’
    • ‘Over there on the edge of the creek, by the tree I learned to call ironwood but whose accepted name is river birch, was a small eastern cedar with a trunk about the size of my middle finger.’
    • ‘The three worked closely together to ensure that the new landscape would harmonize with a surrounding woodland of aspens, Douglas firs, ponderosa pines, and river birches.’
    • ‘Experts recommend herbaceous perennials - like cardinal flower, Joe-Pye weed, and daylilies - as well as woody plants such as river birch, button bush, and sweet pepperbush.’
    • ‘The floodplains and islands of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers were forested with low-lying cottonwood and willow, grading into river birch and swamp white oak, with silver maple, American elm, and ash invading higher stands.’
    • ‘Another Maryland tree, a 81-foot river birch in historic Belt Woods, has little chance of survival, says Pam.’
    • ‘The native river birch is a clean, graceful tree that provides bright/filtered shade.’