Definition of ritualistically in US English:



  • See ritualistic

    • ‘But most expressed their sorrow ritualistically, and so it is to these rituals we must look if we wish to discover who they were and how they really felt about matters of life and death.’
    • ‘Perhaps he misjudged his audience, who had just sat through complete darkness and ritualistically lit candles fairly enthusiastically.’
    • ‘Our class decided that when it comes to food, we behave most ritualistically with breakfast.’
    • ‘Are the leaders of the past ritualistically remembered just during anniversaries, only to be forgotten for the rest of the year?’
    • ‘The stage is ritualistically transformed by the presence of a shrine and offerings to the gods on one corner of the stage, and by the performance of the opening item, usually referred to in programs as ‘an invocatory item’.’