Definition of risk-taking in US English:



  • The action of taking risks.

    ‘decisions at this level involve some risk-taking’
    • ‘These architects are designing spaces for reflection, for experimenting with new ideas, for collaborative risk-taking.’
    • ‘They are burdened by years of indoctrination, with its bias against individual responsibility and risk-taking.’
    • ‘Leaders were celebrated for their courage and risk-taking when shaping corporate strategies.’
    • ‘The essence of entrepreneurship is smart, calculated risk-taking.’
    • ‘In helping participants to become empowered, providing support for risk-taking has been key.’
    • ‘You said earlier that you felt your work didn't involve enough risk-taking.’
    • ‘Supporting this risk-taking is her best friend Patti.’
    • ‘She steers clear of simple cynicism, having recognized for herself the aesthetic rewards of Wordsworth's calculated risk-taking.’
    • ‘By the end of the 1960s, she would find herself evaluating the political costs of risk-taking in ocean settings.’
    • ‘His penchant for risk-taking pays off with the audience.’


  • Willing to take risky action in the hope of a desired result.

    ‘a rare, risk-taking client’
    • ‘Results were not significant for risk-taking expectancies.’
    • ‘These dreams led them to a lifetime of risk-taking adventure, and ultimately the women came to learn of each other's exploits.’
    • ‘Their position as a risk-taking broadcaster was maintained, as the most controversial brands were all their shows.’
    • ‘You do it with risk-taking and entrepreneurial behaviour.’
    • ‘Everything in life is a gamble, and business is risk-taking.’
    • ‘The risk manager is becoming less the enemy of the risk-taking and profit-seeking aspects of the business world and more of a partner in its success.’
    • ‘Hypothesis 2 predicted that the profiles would be related logically to other risk-taking variables.’
    • ‘Most of our leading technology companies have relied on risk-taking venture capitalists.’
    • ‘Most adolescents attribute more negative than positive characteristics to risk-taking peers.’
    • ‘I wish patients would ask and be completely frank about risk-taking sexual activity.’