Definition of risk-seeking in US English:



  • Inclined or eager to take risks.

    ‘entrepreneurs are generally risk-seeking’
    ‘risk-seeking behavior’
    • ‘Despite its reputation as one of the more risk-seeking emerging markets, it should in fact offer financial stability.’
    • ‘Borrowing a play from the risk-seeking entrepreneurs and venture capitalists he covers, he is launching his own blog.’
    • ‘Currency trades based on yields tend to be most successful in a risk-seeking environment and least successful in a risk-averse environment.’
    • ‘This increase in "risk-seeking" behaviour, economists say, means that unconfident consumers are not necessarily unhappy ones.’
    • ‘If they are risk seeking, their bid should be greater than $5.’
    • ‘The bottom line is that there was too much money sloshing throughout the system, with limitless leveraged speculation and Credit availability inundating the marketplace with risk-seeking finance.’
    • ‘In reality, some sellers may be risk-seeking, and as a result the difference between the Baseline and the Optimal Mechanism will be smaller.’
    • ‘Using a normal cumulative distribution, these results suggest that, on average, 32% of the respondents were risk averse, and 68% were risk seeking.’
    • ‘Given that gambling can be inferred as a risk-seeking activity, the results of the lottery auction were an effective predictor of risk-seeking behavior.’
    • ‘If the CEO has many stock options, it stimulates him to be very risk seeking.’