Definition of rising sun in US English:

rising sun


  • 1The sun as it appears or emerges above the horizon.

  • 2With the. The east.

  • 3A depiction of the sun appearing above the horizon, specifically as a decorative motif. Frequently attributive Compare sense 4b.

  • 4With capital initials and the. Japan.

  • 5A stylized representation of the sun as the emblem of Japan. Frequently attributive Compare sense 3.


  • land (also country, island, kingdom,etc.) of the rising sun

    • : used to denote a country, region, etc., associated with the east or the orient; specifically (a name for) Japan.


Mid 16th century; earliest use found in Earl of Surrey (?1517–1547), poet and soldier. From rising + sun.


rising sun

/ˌrʌɪzɪŋ ˈsʌn/