Definition of rise with the sun (or lark) in US English:

rise with the sun (or lark)


  • Get up early in the morning.

    • ‘Almost overnight, our society stopped rising with the sun and turning in not too long after sunset.’
    • ‘She slept on a common straw bed, and rose with the sun.’
    • ‘And for those who hate to rise with the sun, there is a repeat telecast at 9.30 p.m.’
    • ‘He looks like death, his usual appearance when he rises with the sun.’
    • ‘Klara rose with the sun, staring out at its first rays over the streets, shadows drifting away.’
    • ‘He had made it a habit long ago to rise with the sun every morning, and today was no exception.’
    • ‘Once again, on Saturday morning I rose with the sun.’
    • ‘Every morning, she rose with the sun, ate a breakfast of cereal and eggs, got dressed in the same old school uniform, styled her hair in the same way, and walked the quarter mile to her all-girls school.’
    • ‘She picked up the phone to call her mother in Boston - she would be awake, her mother rose with the sun.’
    • ‘Timothy, having grown up on a farm in the country, naturally rose with the sun.’