Definition of ringmaster in English:



  • The person directing a circus performance.

    • ‘Watching from many rows behind the center ring Marvin sits surrounded by eager children all of whom gaze at the ringmaster in awe.’
    • ‘There, standing on top of a rather large, dusty old theatrical trunk, projecting all the enthusiasm of a ringmaster on the opening night of the circus, was the magician.’
    • ‘They are part of a circular series of trades populated by sellers, buyers, buffers and ringmasters.’
    • ‘We can't go on tonight without a ringmaster, and your highwire magic show is the highlight of the Circus!’
    • ‘It was also in the 1970's that Mic joined the legendary Pram Factory Theatre in Melbourne, creating Soapbox Circus, where he was ringmaster, musician, juggler and acrobat.’
    • ‘Cromwell's role at Putney was first and foremost as chair and ringmaster.’
    • ‘Both men were considered only ‘foot soldiers’ in the affair and the ringmasters of the factory remain at large.’
    • ‘The ringmaster escorts the high-wire and animal acts into the rings.’
    • ‘Every carnival has a ringmaster and plenty of barkers, bearded ladies, strong men, wild animals and sad clowns.’
    • ‘If the Oscars are a circus, he's the ringmaster.’
    • ‘Lyons is the ringmaster controlling the hype on and off the field.’
    • ‘He was also, in his time, a superb ringmaster of French culture and the avant-garde.’
    • ‘The ringmaster thanks people for coming and ‘helping to support the world's endangered species.’’
    • ‘But for the past few weeks, due to her sickness, Chad, the ringmaster and manager of the circus refused to let her on the tightrope.’
    impresario, stage manager, publicist
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