Definition of ringbark in US English:



  • ‘they are even ringbarking the English oaks in the botanical gardens’
    another term for girdle (sense 2 of the verb)
    ‘the weevils had burrowed under its bark, effectively ringbarking the tree’
    • ‘Why would a culture wish in this way to ringbark itself, to sever the roots which have nourished the wisdom and understanding of the centuries?’
    • ‘Playground equipment was burned, 10 metre high eucalypts cut down or ringbarked, saplings hacked down with a machete, bolted-down bench palings smashed, seats rocked from their concrete bases and taps kicked from the ground.’
    • ‘Should people who have certain palpitations be ringbarked?’
    • ‘The tree was one of a number of 300 + year old river redgums ringbarked and stumped on the site of Fitzroy Gardens.’
    • ‘American techniques of ringbarking and clearing by burning were adopted to clear eucalypts for grazing and agriculture.’