Definition of ring ouzel in US English:

ring ouzel

(also ring ousel)


  • A European thrush that resembles a blackbird with a white crescent across the breast, inhabiting upland moors and mountainous country.

    Turdus torquatus, subfamily Turdinae, family Muscicapidae

    • ‘Maps featuring a self-guided trail around the Bowland area will be available, pointing the way to manned checkpoints, where people can look for moorland birds, such as hen harriers and ring ouzels.’
    • ‘We also talked about how the flat top of Penhill is a peat bog once harvested for fuel and not easily penetrated and he most usefully pointed out the best route for us and said we may see a ring ouzel.’
    • ‘Similarly I can recall seeing blackcock, grouse, ring ousel and merlin on Exmoor until the mid sixties.’
    • ‘Unlike the blackbird, the ring ouzel is usually wary and wild, shunning the neighbourhood of human habitation.’
    • ‘Other species such as the wheatear, ring ouzel, and sandwich tern have all been observed about one week earlier than usual.’


ring ouzel

/ˈriNG ˌo͞ozəl/