Definition of ring down (or up) the curtain in US English:

ring down (or up) the curtain


  • 1Cause a theater curtain to be lowered (or raised).

    • ‘They rang down the curtain for the last time Sunday.’
    1. 1.1 Mark the end (or the beginning) of an enterprise or event.
      ‘the sendoff rings down the curtain on a major chapter in television history’
      • ‘We watch for a time, until we're numb, or bored, or angry at the repetitive misery - and then, in the back of the head, cue those violins, the sunset mood, the irrational affirmation that allows us to ring down the curtain.’
      • ‘It is almost as if that sour 1968 election rang down the curtain on career politicians.’
      • ‘He submitted his resignation ringing down the curtain on a week-long drama which had paralysed the functioning of Parliament.’
      • ‘And as criticism of the system mounts by the day across the football world, it may well be that this season's opening will prove the last before FIFA ring down the curtain.’
      • ‘Border ring down the curtain on their home fixtures today when they play Western Province in a Standard Bank limited-overs day-night match at Buffalo Park.’
      • ‘After Mortimer's last collection - ‘Rumpole Rests His Case’ - it seemed as if the author finally had decided to ring down the curtain on Rumpole, much the way McKern did in the 1990s.’
      • ‘Can he, will he, reshape the Supreme Court and ring down the curtain on the revolution it has been imposing upon this country, illegitimately, for 50 years?’
      • ‘Sumter rang down the curtain on the aristocratic republic the founders had created.’